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Cupping came to the spotlight during the 2016 Summer Olympics when many people noticed circular red marks on many of the Olympic athletes.  It was reported that this was from a special treatment the athletes were receiving called cupping.  Although cupping came to the national spotlight in the summer of 2016, it is far from being a new treatment.  Cupping is one of the oldest methods of traditional Chinese medicine, dating back to the early fourth century.

Cupping works to help muscular circulation.  When a muscle is stretched and wants to tighten down, it locks up and contracts on itself.  What that happens, it prevents the circulation of the blood out of that muscle.  Cupping draws the stagnated blood out of the muscle and into the circulatory system where the lymph system can then circulate that blood.  (This is why some people may experience the red marks.  It is not a bad thing, is is the stagnated blood being brought to the surface).

We have had great results with cupping for many conditions, especially chronic back pain.  

Take a look below at these short videos to learn more about cupping!