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Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT) is an advanced form of manual physical therapy that down regulates the autonomic nervous system that can become part of the joint and muscle restriction and ongoing pain. The technique helps the body trade the pain for movement again by down regulation or the reflexes.  It provides instant pain relief.  

The two main primal reflexes that PRRT works with is the withdrawal and startle reflex. Both of these are hard wired into our central nervous system and exist prior to birth.

It has been found that these reflexes can be up regulated or heightened due to trauma, stress, pain and disease. These reflexes can then tighten our joints and muscles and heighten our pain. This up regulation can influence movement as if the body has traded movement for pain.  With these techniques, we are treating a deeper, more primal level of the central nervous system rather than the specific muscle, joint or soft tissue that hurts.

Premier is one of few places that is certified in PRRT.  People have came from all over the east coast to receive PRRT.  

For more information call us today or go on the PRRT website, please visit www.theprrt.com. You will be amazed at hohw quickly this can work for you.

Here is a quick brochure about how PRRT works.