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Pneumex unweighting creates a safe environment for rehabilitation and exercise. The single point unweighting cable bar allows for 360° rotation. The Pneumex Unweighting System, also known as the Uplifter, is a high caliber tool for treating back, head, and spinal cord injuries. The Pneu-Vest harness and our exclusive balance stop provides a safe & effective treatment arena for people who have orthopedic disabilities.

Benefits of the Pnuemex System:

  • Unloads painful joints
  • Helps unload your lower back
  • Helps low back disc problem 
  • Exercise with less pain
  • Helps with getting the weight off your injured ankle, knee, hip or back
  • Helps regain strength in your legs for better balance and less risk of falling

Great for Pain following:

  • Knee Surgery
  • Total Knee Replacement
  • Preventing falls and injuries 

Check out this video below that shows the Uplifter in action!